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77 F is real nice 16-72% RH is a real big humidity swing. I know you said you weren't worried about a humidifier, 28% is not too bad - but if you happen to be driving past Goodwill ....... I just watered, sprayed, and filled up my cup of water right before lights out last night. I have a good 13 inches below the lights to the canopy tops.

Shah said Sunday several people are still missing and that most of the areas in Chitral are covered in snow.

“The Kalash community had also gathered to save the family and when the Muslims chanting slogans attacked the house with sticks and pelted stones everybody was running for their lives,” Rehmat, who was out of breath from fleeing the scene, told AFP by telephone.

“Dozens” were injured, he said, though apparently none seriously.

Which would be disappointing because it is a Feminized seed. I have tied the top 5 over letting the other tops catch up. Not much else going on did a little training and tying down branches.

Letting the top soil dry out going to bottom water tomorrow.

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