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In fact it's saving paper as it's not printed as a book, and it's even in the Cloud, and if you're logged in you can save it as a pdf - how cool is that It's SCN -it's made for people who love SAP, by people who love SAPFeel welcomed to join in the fun and add your favourite Basis documentation to the list, pay it forward, contribute, share and gain. Links to SAP support notes can be easily created automatically by using the "sapnote" macro:[Note that there are a large number of usage and Software specific security notes and links listed under the other subject.Take credit for your contribution, feel free to put your name or link to your SCN Bio as a prefix to the doco links you add. Also be aware that more and more, SAP software is being deployed where it is exposed outside your corporate firewall.The Tiddly Wiki containing program documentation is automatically generated from the source code: see 200 million downloads of Apache Open Office Apache Open Office continues to enjoy the user's valuation.Recently the new record mark of 200 million downloads was reached.

The most common one is to download the binary packages from one of the many mirror servers.The high demand of the most current release 4.1.3 - that was released in October - is an acknowledgment of the previous work and a great motivation for the future.The ongoing trust of our users is also a thankful expression to all people who put their personal spare time and effort into the project and software.It’s a situation that can be challenging for a new executive leader.But in his first email to employees, Nadella clearly set the tone for what is to come.

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