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Hank was a casting associate on Supernanny 2005-2006.So if I had to guess I would say yes they are still together. Traditional family values, it turns out, are back on television after all.Lisa Shannon may lack the wit, depth, and cleverness of an Austen heroine, but like many of Austen's women, she has put herself in the hands of others (in this case her friends and the TV audience), trusting that they will choose the right match.

Sometimes my grandmother would buy rice-paper confetti for the occasion.

Disney films always seemed to end with the princess being with her prince. I felt safe in the knowledge that one day, when I grew up, a magic switch inside me would turn on; I would fall in love with someone, marry them and live happily ever after. By this point, I had been able to indulge in a real-life game of Wedding Planner: I had been the only bridesmaid at my dad’s second marriage, and he had let me select the colour theme for the ceremony. It was a countdown to the age by which I needed to secure a boyfriend to be considered normal; I guessed it was about 17.

(Lilac, if you were wondering; I was gutted when he point-blank refused to wear pink.)On one particular night, I was at a sleepover with my friends and we were discussing which film we should watch. From then on, if I had no history of dating to my name, I would be dismissed as weird and frigid.

, CBS's latest reality dating show, fans will find out which suitor has been chosen to propose to the series's lovely 25-year-old heroine from among the remaining would-be romantics.

If Shannon accepts the proposal, the couple will be married right then and there.

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