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Below, is the lead magnet Eben (David De Angelo) was using at the time that letter ran starting in 2001 all the way to about 2009.

The confirmation/pre-sell page is also included below it (although, I'm not sure of the exact year that was used).

This would be a perfect landing page if you were targeting a demographic of “single men” who are “looking for single women”, that also live in the “San Diego, CA” area.

I get a lot of questions about how I pre-sell people on affiliate products. When a person feels a certain “pain” that they want to solve, they do not always see a clear path right to the solution.

And glib nonsense like “just try to be yourself” is not going to help them at all, is it? if “just being themselves” means lacking in confidence, being shy, not having a well-developed social skills, etc.

Yet he may not be fully conscious of the complexity of his problem, and thus the need for a solution that involves a bit more than simply glib advice to him like “just get out more”.The good news is that landing pages are just as important today as ever before, and they are also now easier, faster and more cost effective to create as well — thanks to our in-house landing page builder (which we dive into later).In this detailed guide we are going to walk you through everything you need to know about landing pages, such as why they are important, when to use them and of course… A landing page is the pre-sell page a visitor is sent to before hitting the actual lead generation page.For example, if you wanted to promote a dating offer, it would be in your best interest to create a landing page that was built around your demographic audience and relates with their interests, versus sending the visitor directly to the main page or registration page of the dating site.Here is a good example of a dating landing page that would work well.

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This opt-in form may look common today for many of you.

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