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Facebook (FB) has become a company with a market cap of 2 billion in just a decade or so, under the guidance of Mark Zuckerberg. But has Wall Street has gotten to enthused about FB stock.

Let’s face it, the history of tech is chock-full of implosions.

Fling in 2011, Linked In in 2012, tumblr in 2013 and the mother of them all, My Space in, well, we don't quite know. Firstly, the only data in the breach is an incrementing ID (possibly an internal My Space identifier which would enable to date it), an email address, username and one or two passwords.

There's been no information forthcoming from anyone about when this breach actually occurred and there's no explicit indicators in the data dump either (sometimes there are timestamps on account creation or website activity). The passwords are stored as SHA1 hashes of the first 10 characters of the password converted to lowercase.

They may be less able to form relationships as they do not learn the physical clues involved with communication including body language, tone of voice and facial expressions.

For FB stock, the most applicable one is probably My Space.

Until 2008, My Space was the clear leader in the social network space.

"This is definitely a line of reasoning that warrants more investigation and research, " he said.

But there are also benefits including lack of discrimination where wealth, race and gender were less meaningful and a loss of geographical boundaries.

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