Don t want kids dating

I like children, but I am sure that I don’t want to be a parent.

It seems likely that women who list exactly how many children they want on are pretty set on their preferences too.

Thomas now considers Pamela’s reluctance to have children to be a symptom of her immaturity and lack of self-awareness.

I’m interested in dating women in their 30’s through early 40’s.My problem with that option is that it also returns a greatly reduced number of profiles.I know you don’t have a magic wand, so I just have to play the hand I’ve been dealt.Pamela frequently brought up their conflicting feelings about parenthood as evidence of their incompatibility as a couple.Thomas felt like she was using it as a “wedge issue” to obscure the fact that she simply wasn’t ready to live with someone, as if his “future unborn children had become a bargaining chip.” Eventually they broke up and Thomas moved out.

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