Error updating axis deploy wsdd

So I want to use my web service automatically without having to explicitly run an Admin tool to deploy it to Axis.

The integration guide that comes with Axis says that by default the engine looks for a WEB-INF/file. Deployed it in my app server (Resin 3.x) and I get a SOAP service not found.

I am currently working on Axis2 deployed on Resin 3.1.3.

However, I got the below error during deployment: org.apache.axis2.deployment.

While going through the process I found that there is very little documentation using Apache Axis especially in implementing the code that handles the attachments and I have decided to share my experience with the rest of the community. SEND_TYPE_MIME); int input Attachment Type = Attachments Impl()Send Type();"input Attachment Type : " input Attachment Type); if(input Attachment Type ! SEND_TYPE_MIME) After checking for the correct type of attachment, we need to some how get the contents in the attachment. Although attachment can be used to send images and various other types of content, in our current problem we are just dealing with an XML string.

I have used Tomcat 5.x as the web server to install the web application and uses axis 1.2.1. Once we have the byte array it is easy to get the actual content if we know the type of content.

Deployment Exception: The "Dispatch" phase is not found on the global "In Flow" phase of ... Inbound Fault From Message Context(Utils.j ava:517) ...

INFO: Deploying module: addressing-1.5 - file:/C:/com/sample/lib/axis2/axis2- 1.5org.apache.axis2. Simply frustrating trying to get Axis2 and Eclipse to work together Out of the Box. I am trying to deploy my web service using Admin Client.

To configure Axis to use this instead of its own library you must edit the file used by Axis.I'm trying to implement a bare bones simple example: I need to auto deploy a wsdl file with axis, but I can't seem to get it consistently working. I create my wsdl and wsdd files without any problems.Currently, I've added the entry for the service into my file. When I run the ant target, the following error occurs (sorry for the long stack trace): [admin] Axis Fault [admin] fault Code: Ex ception [admin] fault Subcode: [admin] fault String: ssl. I also don't get any errors when I deploy the service using: "java -cp %AXISCLASSPATH% org.client.It works on my machine, but it's not working for other's who pull in the same source code. Thanks, M I'm wondering host to get an Axis deployment descriptor file automatically deployed at the start up of a web application such as Tomcat -- all the eexamples I see for Axis show deployment with a command line utility, which seems insane if you're going to be packaging up the web service as part of a deployed product. Hi All, I am trying to deploy a web service using AXIS 1.2 RC2 and jboss-4.0.1RC1 but I am getting below error. and i ran web-inf/classes/the modified in deafult "axis" . why if i renamed axis , The deployment inforamtion(server-config.wsdd) should be modified in my web application. Admin Client -l I have an enterprise webservice application using axis running fine with OC4J 9.0.4.Can anyone please tell me why is this error occurring even though the required jars/classeses are there in jboss-4.0.1RC1\server\default\deploy\axis.war\WEB-INF\lib. --------------------- Hi, Can anyone help me in this?? Whenever we deploy some webservice in axis, the service is deployed by the Admin Client but when we try to view this service from Apache-AXIS page the following problem comes : Sorry, something seems to have gone wrong... But I can't deployed even I removed the .class and of intented serverice. Some Services AXIS error Sorry, something seems to have gone wrong... Configuration Exception: Can't find handler name:'null' type:'soapmonitor' in the registry org. but it automatically updating in default web app(axis). I tried to deploy it in OC4J 10.1.3 and it gives Configuration Exception inside axis.

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Someone asked me how they could turn on NT Authentication for web service using Apache Axis (the web service used by Cold Fusion).

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