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Don’t get me wrong, Jesus loves me, but it’s very rare that I get entertaining gospel news/gossip/tid-bits, but tis the season (I guess).We’ve learned exclusively that Lisa Raye Mc Coy has (for quite some time) been dating Pastor Noel Jones, a well-known pastor in Gardena, CA.It’s called micro-encapsulation, which allows you to encapsulate a scent into a microcapsule that can be injected in the fabric itself. Once you have chosen the style you like, you can pick one of my 26 scents to put into the ceramic piece.In the jewelry collection, the silk cords and leather bracelets are micro-encapsulated. Whenever you feel like it’s not smelling, you can just re-spray the ceramic. One night, after dinner at the Baccarat restaurant in Paris, I went by the Baccarat museum, which is on the same floor.Rumor has it that the two may be getting married, very soon.

As the rumour that the two were dating spread over the Internet, neither Lisa Raye, ex-wife of former Turks and Caicos premier Michael Misick, nor Bishop Jones initially responded to comments on websites.

Rumor has it that things are quite serious between the two and they are really considering marriage.

Also, we hear that Lisa Raye is trying to shop a reality show on behalf of Pastor Jones, called Keeping Up With the Joneses. A while ago, we were told that Pastor Jones used to ‘kick-it’ with Ne Ne Leakes, but she had too much baggage.

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But the actress, who recently became a Christian, later decided to put the record straight on her Facebook fan page by stating that she is not in a relationship with the pastor.

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