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However, there are some relaxations, one of which is that if the difference between the highest tariff and the tariff proposed by any bidder is just 5% then that company will be allowed to participate," said Shrivastav.

"There is also a sub-rule that if the total number of bidders goes down to just 12 then the rule of minimum tariff will not be applied and all participants will be allowed to participate in auctions for developing the Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Project," the official said.

The city lies about 420 kilometres (261 mi) northeast of the state capital Bhopal and 130 kilometres (81 mi) south of the city of Allahabad.

Rewa derives its name from another name for the Narmada River.

The girls ran into Holden's house as Gray walked onto Holden's property.

We thought they’d hit it off swimmingly - and maybe be together forever - but that was not to be the case.The wounded girl fled past her father's body to Bryson's nearby house, while Gray set the Holden house on fire.Bryson, realising that Rewa and Jasmine were still in the Holden house, drove her van there with Chiquita in an attempt to save the girls.The long hair must have been important, because it came off seconds later!However, not before Simon lost his underwear and Bonnie uttered the words no man ever wants to hear… ’ No-one in the office seemed to share her sentiment, we thought it was pretty impressive!

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"Apart from this the second criteria that was introduced with an objective of keeping the tariff low is that bidders were also asked to submit the tariff at which the auction will start.

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