Speed dating 101

Speed dating: is an oft-evening activity put on by an organization, dating or not. Girls -- boys don't want to hear that you are PMSing, you LOOOOOVEEEEE shopping (I mean, I obviously do though...wanna go shopping with me? (Doesn't include going on two JDates in one night, which I've done).

It could be with the same sex or even the opposite sex.

The basics of speed dating is that an equal number of male and female guests alternate seats until they have had the chance to meet all of the other opposite gender guests.

Couples spend five to ten minutes together before switching to the next person.

You can expect to meet between 10 and 18 singles in the one night!

At our Double Trouble event for example, you could meet up to 12 singles.

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If you’d like to recreate this with your classroom, book club, or your extended family, then read on for instructions! English Language Arts classes partnered up so that we got to experience book dates with people from many grade levels and with varied interests.

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