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s an inevitable consequence of the aging process, all humans lose the ability to seamlessly adjust the focus of vision from distance to near, introducing the “heartbreak of presbyopia.” This phenomenon makes even the most trivial visual task at near next to impossible.In youth, the human eye can induce up to 15 D of near focus, allowing functional vision as close as 6.7 cm in 350 milliseconds.However, this ability can cause the patient to experience a variety of undesirable visual aberrations, including night glare, halo and starburst.. It is a second-generation, refractive multifocal lens that distributes light across five optical zones.These zones are varied proportionally to provide optimal vision under different lighting conditions..Premium intraocular lenses are no longer a novelty.

Henderson is an assistant clinical professor of ophthalmology at Harvard University.

The theory: this effect was also partially induced by the outward pressure of the vitreous and aqueous humor.

The Helmholtz theory assumes that stiffening of the aging crystalline lens makes it resistant to shape change, thus producing presbyopia.

Today, there are three primary multifocal IOL options in the United States: Re Zoom (Abbott Medical Optics), Acry Sof Re STOR (Alcon) and Tecnis (Abbott Medical Optics).

Multifocal lenses are classified as either as zonal refractive or diffractive.

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