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You can try setting a bookmark while having Chrome Sync enabled and set to sync bookmarks.In my experience, it automatically touches every single bookmark, causing them all to float to the top of the history, and ostensibly, also refreshing their icons.'use strict'; //set up needed constants var branding = ; var default Branding = ; // debugger; function get Parameter By Name(name) try catch (e) finally var texts = {"title":"Wix Help Center","public.ticket.submit.new":"Contact Us","protected.contact-us-link":"https://com/contact/en?referral=article_page","top-articles":"Trending Topics","protected.integrations.chargedesk.enabled":"false","top-tickets":"Recent Discussions","protected. Every webpage has a favicon—a small identifying image that can appear in tabs, the address bar, and bookmark pages depending on the browser.

Yes, the tiny square image in your browser tab has a name: It's called a favicon. Next you should publish to make the favicon live on your site, though there's a good chance that it won't show up in your own browser right away upon publish.This is because favicons are cached very strongly by browsers, and publishing your site doesn't update that cache immediately.In my case Firefox did load the green man icon as the code in the page’s source took precedent. The login information hostgator provided did not work.I changed the green man icon to a purple man icon to test and it immediately updated on the back-end. I was able to acquire FTP login information and logged in to File Zilla.

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