Who has it harder in dating

Like another poster said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.I have a face that would make a frieght train take a dirt road and I don't have any problem getting a date.This has been my experience that women will not date what is considered an ugly guy.Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder but Some standards of looks are universal Ugly women have it harder. I suppose ugly women with money can get dates also but then it's more difficult to get the guy in the 'mood', if you know what I mean. someone could be totally ugly to one person, but yummy to another.The question is hard because men and women have different goals going into dating. They're not even expected to have good careers so they can spend more time on relationships.But women these days have unrealistic expectations about their relationships, so they end up disappointed anyway.

He is not afraid of rejection, in fact he prefers someone to 'say it, as it is' as he gets very frustrated when a woman parts with her number and subsequently avoids phone calls, text messages, or cancels dates at the last minute.

Girls do not have to step out of their comfort zone and they can get a date or a boyfriend without having to overcome shyness, however, guys can't do the same thing, us guys have to do work in order to get anything from a girl.

A girl is automatically accepted by society as a girl; whereas guys have to prove themselves at every turn.

Whats interesting is that girls don't have to put even half the effort compared to guys and they have every possible advantage in the singles life, and dating and relationships, and yet they still believe that they have it harder than guys do.

I know it's tradition and been that way for a very long time, for centuries, for the guy to make the first move and doing the pursuing and chasing, but not every guy is born a Casanova or ladies-man.

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